Monday, 25 June 2012

Prawns Wrapped in Parma Ham

Although I have synned the ham as per guide lines, I also removed all the fat, so I expect most of the syns have been removed.

Serve with soy sauce (syn free) and sweet chilli sauce (1 syn per tbsp) for dipping.

The syn value of this dish depends on the number of slices of Parma ham you use, which again depends on the size and number of prawns.

* ½ syn per slice

250g uncooked king or tiger prawns
5-8 slices Parma ham*

Remove the fat from the ham and cut each slice into four pieces. Wrap around the prawns and place on a greased baking sheets. Repeat with the remainder of the prawns.

Bake for a few minutes until the prawns have turned opaque. Serve with the dipping sauces. This dish would make a nice starter for a dinner party, or as part of a finger buffet as I did. 


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