Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sausage and Bean Casserole

Sausages are a good fall-back when cooking for my dad, as it's one of the things he really likes. I rarely cook just plain food such as sausage and chips, so I wanted to turn it into something a little more interesting without making it too 'exotic' for my dad's taste.

Serves 3
Syn Free on Extra Easy

6 Joe's Sausages (I used pork and leek)
6 slices bacon, all visible fat removed
1 cup of mixed dried beans, soaked overnight
2 onions
1 green pepper
1 tin tomatoes
1 pkt passata
bouillon powder to taste
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp marjoram
1 tsp sweetener

Drain the beans and place in a saucepan with plenty of salted water and cook according to packet instructions, usually between 1 and 1½ hours. Meanwhile fry the onions in Fry Light until soft. Grill the bacon until crisp, chop and add to the pan with the onion. Grill the sausages until crispy and cooked through. You can either slice the sausages or leave them whole as I did here. Add to the pan. Drain the beans, but retain the liquid. Add the beans to the pan with the passata, tinned tomatoes and seasoning. Add cooking liquid if required, in order to bring the casserole to your preferred consistency.

Serve with vegetables and potatoes of your choice. 


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