Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chocolate Mint Creams

Serves 2
3½ syns on Extra Easy

1 peppermint tea bag
1 sachet gelatine
a few drops peppermint essence
sweetener to taste
green food colouring
1 tun Müllerlight mint sprinkled with dark chocolate yogurt
2 tbsp grated chocolate
4 mint matchmakers

Add 150ml boiling water to the tea bag and leave to infuse. Remove the tea bag. Add a few drops of peppermint essence. Sprinkle in the gelatine crystals and stir well to dissolve. Add another 100ml cold water to the jelly, with a few drops of food colouring to create a bright green colour. Pour in two tall glasses and leave to set. When set, divide the yogurt between the two glasses and sprinkle with the chocolate. Serve with the matchmakers. 


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