Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spiced Smoked Salmon Mousse with Prawns

We decided to have a date night in on Saturday night, and popped to Morrison's for a steak. I love their meat and fish usually, but this time they really excelled themselves – the steak was one of the best we've ever had! It was meltingly tender and beautifully tasty. Heavenly.

Anyway, this is the starter I made to go with the date night. They were selling off end pieces of smoked salmon at a well reduced price, and I had some prawns already in the fridge.

Serves 2
Syn Free on Extra easy

60g smoked salmon cut-offs
2 tbsp fat free fromage frais
½ tsp harissa paste or minced chillies
salt and pepper to taste
¼ tsp sweetener
6 king prawns
lemon swirls to serve

Whizz the salmon and fromage frais through a liquidiser until a smooth paste. Stir in the harissa paste, salt, pepper and sweeter. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Place the salmon mousse in shot glasses. Thread the prawns on to skewers and place into the shot glasses. Decorate with lemon and serve.

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